Is There a Difference Between Dry & Dehydrated Skin?

Yes, there are subtle yet significant differences between dry & dehydrated skin. If skin is dehydrated, it lacks water, but can still produce the lipids necessary for its protective barrier. Dry skin cells are unable to synthesize those lipids and lower lipid levels in the skin barrier impair water retention. While dryness and dehydration are different issues, they are almost always seen together in the skin.

Incorporating a moisturizing cleanser such as iS Clinical’s Cream Cleanser is an excellent way to clean and hydrate dry/dehydrated skin. Cream Cleanser combines bio-nutrients, antioxidants, and restorative ingredients to gently cleanse the skin while soothing the look and feel of dry areas. Poly-Vitamin Serum provides deep hydration to generate improvements in the appearance of skin’s texture and tone. Antioxidants within the formula also aid in reducing itch-causing inflammation. Finishing a skincare regimen with a powerful moisturizer is even more vital with dehydrated skin. The Reparative Moisture Emulsion is formulated with pharmaceutical-grade botanicals to help keep skin smooth and protected.


What is Eczema?

Eczema is a very common skin condition affecting 30 million adults and children in the United States. The symptoms caused by eczema – irritated, dry, itchy, sensitive skin – worsen in conditions of dryness, excess environmental exposure, and winter climates. Persons with eczema may experience a great deal of discomfort and even pain from this condition. Eczema is sometimes called atopic (“allergy”) dermatitis and is commonly associated with various allergies. The inflammation created by eczema causes an itch-scratch cycle. Initial inflammation results in the dry, itchy feeling of skin and the urge to scratch. Scratching the skin causes microscopic injury to the epidermis and releases cytokines (inflammatory molecules) which message other cells to increase their own inflammatory process, creating more itching and exacerbating the need to scratch.

The antioxidant-rich formulas of several iS Clinical products are well designed to help hydrate skin, repair the skin barrier, and lessen inflammation. Body Complex delivers essential vitamins, calming botanicals, and powerful antioxidants while helping to provide a crucial barrier against harmful environmental aggressors. The fortifying remedy of Sheald Recovery Balm helps support the skin’s function while relieving the discomfort of dry, distressed skin


Why is SPF Important for Dry Skin?

Free radical damage from UVA/UVB rays can cause or exacerbate symptoms associated with dehydrated skin. In addition to cell damage, the heat caused by solar rays may intensify TEWL (Transepidermal Water Loss), leaving skin more dehydrated than before. Applying moisturizer alone does not stop the continued cell damage and inflammation from sun exposure.

Choosing SPF products with moisturizing properties accomplish both protection from sun-related free radical damage and repair to previously damaged cells. iS Clinical sunscreens included powerful antioxidants to mitigate oxidative solar damage combined with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. If skin is already dehydrated and sunburned, Hydra-Intensive Cooling Masque may provide some relief. This cooling treatment is designed to nurture and reinvigorate sunburned/damaged skin.


How Can Dry/Chapped Lips Be Prevented?

The skin found on one’s lips is has a very different makeup compared to skin on other areas of the face. The lip epidermis has five times fewer cell layers than rest of the face which makes the barrier function of this skin much less effective. The composition of the barrier lipid of the lips are not as strong at resisting water loss and easily become dry or chapped. This water loss, known as TEWL (Transepidermal Water Loss), is three times higher on the lips versus the cheek area. As dehydrated lips age at a faster rate, these symptoms may become more prominent:

  • Atrophy (shrinkage) of lip tissue
  • Sagging skin and loss of definition to the vermilion border
  • Loss of vibrant, rosy lip color
  • Increase in “barcode lines” (vertical wrinkles that run from the soft tissue above and below the lip into the vermilion border

This duo of iS Clinical lip products help in the treatment and prevention of lip dehydration that leads to aging of the skin. Lip Polish contains a unique carbohydrate exfoliator which gently resurfaces the lip while improving its metabolism. Emollients, antioxidants, and special ingredients included in Lip Polish naturally augment the structure of the lip as well. Ultra filling spheres are a key component within Youth Lip Elixir that contain hyaluronic acid and Konjac Root Extract. They are designed to settle into the skin, draw in water that would normally just evaporate, and plump up fine line and wrinkles.


What Are the Most Effective Moisturizers?

Disruptions to the barrier function of the skin may lead to the symptoms associated with dry/dehydrated skin. iS Clinical focuses on improving skin health by formulating products to protect and repair the skin barrier by absorbing into the epidermal and dermal layers, not just sitting on skin’s surface.Sodium Hyaluronate (botanically derived hyaluronic acid) is a very important ingredient in the highly effective iS Clinical moisturizing products. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the area between cells and is a powerful humectant that retains water needed for skin health. Adding hyaluronic acid to moisturizers helps the naturally occurring processes within cells to keep skin hydrated and healthy.

Some key ingredients in the unique formulation of many iS Clinical moisturizing products are called Extremozymes. iS Clinical utilizes various proprietary combinations of botanically derived extremophilic enzymes that are clinically proven to protect and repair DNA components. These enzymes thrive in the harshest environments and are uniquely able to help human skin deal with environmental aggressors.

In addition to these important hydrating ingredients, iS Clinical products are formulated with pharmaceutical-grade botanicals to further moisturize skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Recommended Products for Dryness
  1. Cream Cleanser Cream Cleanser
    • Cleanse
    Cream Cleanser
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    • AM/PM
    As low as $48.00
  2. Sheald Recovery Balm Sheald Recovery Balm
    • Treat
    Sheald Recovery Balm
    • Use
    • AM/PM
    As low as $30.00
  3. Hydra-Cool Serum Hydra-Cool Serum
    • Hydrate
    Hydra-Cool Serum
    • Use
    • AM/PM
    As low as $64.00
  4. Extreme Protect SPF 30 Extreme Protect SPF 30
    • Protect
    Extreme Protect SPF 30
    • Use
    • AM
    As low as $80.00

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  1. Youth Eye Complex Youth Eye Complex
    • Treat
    Youth Eye Complex
    • Use
    • AM/PM
    As low as $115.00
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  2. Youth Intensive Creme Youth Intensive Crème
    • Treat
    Youth Intensive Crème
    As low as $235.00
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  3. Youth Lip Elixir Youth Lip Elixir
    • Treat
    Youth Lip Elixir
    As low as $60.00
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